“Facebook Vs Disability”

Facebook recently launched a feature where you have the ability to create avatars that look just like you like everyone else. I joined the trend and decided to create my avatar.

As I was creating my avatar I got so excited as I picked out a hairstyle that was just like mine along with a camouflage-style outfit that represents my style and fashion and I was also able to pick out the type of glasses that I wear that represents that I’m a bookworm with 4 eyes.
But what the Facebook avatars didn’t have is the one that represents what I consider to be my legs and the one thing that tells my story: my wheelchair.

When I first realized that Facebook avatars didn’t have the option for users to allow their avatars to have wheelchairs, braces, etc.
I became immediately bothered by it because people with disabilities do exist and we need to start acting like people with disabilities exist and start focusing on the importance of self-awareness and inclusion when it comes to our society and how we live and adapt to the world around us.

When it comes to people with disabilities we need to show society that we’re not ashamed of who we are and the life we live as people with disabilities.

And I think that if Facebook would give the options to allow Facebook users to create avatars that are exactly how they are then I think it would be a step closer to inclusion and self-awareness when it comes to people with disabilities.
But it will also educate people and show people that a person with a disability can and does have the ability to live a normal life and we do use social media just like anyone else.

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