9 Self-Care Tips for When You Live With Cerebral palsy

I’ve always been huge on self-care as a young woman with Cerebral palsy although my life I’ve always been the type of person that always tries to find ways to keep track of self-care by creating my own set of 9 self-care tips.

  1. listening to music- Listening to country music has always been my go-to when it comes to my self-care since listening to music helps me escape my stresses and the reality of my condition especially right after a doctor’s appointment where I didn’t receive the best news.
  2. Working out -Working out in my pool is my favorite go-to when it comes to my self-care because it allows me to relax my muscles and my mind.
  3. Reading a book of your choice – Reading Nicholas Sparks is my go-to when it comes to dealing with myself care since reading a Nicholas sparks gives me a chance to relax my mind and have inter peace within my body.
  4. Drinking coke-cola Now this may sound like a strange self-care strategy but due to my cerebral palsy I tend to have really bad spastic attacks and stiffness on the left side of my body and when I drink Coke-cola it helps reduce the pain and stiffness in that side of my body.
  5. Taking a nice bubble bath- taking a bubble bath is one of my favorite things to do especially when I have just come home form hours of physical therapy and doctor appointments taking a nice bubble bath is the best way for me to relax my stiffness with the left side of my body.
  6. Watching a movie of your choice- I love to watch the 1980’s, movie Urban Cowboy when I need to relax my body and clear my mind from the psychical limitations that I have within the left side of my body, and it takes away my anxiousness.
  7. Doing a hobby of your choice- I love going to volunteer at the fire department as a hobby since volunteering allows me to take a step back and relax with my firefighter’s buddies and give back the Community.
  8. Writing thoughts down in a journal- Writing has always been my go-to when it comes to my self-care because it helps me process my emotions when it comes to my bad days with cerebral palsy and dealing with the reality of being an adult with Cerebral palsy.
  9. Squeeze a stress ball- life with Cerebral palsy could be stressful at times so I like to carry a stress ball to relieve anxiety and stress after a long day of doctors appointments and having to make some decisions regarding your health squeezing a stress ball is a great way to handle your emotions and have a clear mindset on your emotions.

Truly life with Cerebral palsy could be stressful for sure but I hope that these 9 tips could help you find the perfect self-care strategies

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