8 Tips on how to deal with your menstrual cycle with Cerebral Palsy

Like any other woman, I to get my monthly visit from aunt flow every month. I have had monthly visits with her since I was 12 years old.
When you have Cerebral palsy as I do dealing with the challenges and obstacles of having a menstrual cycle every month could be stressful for women like me. So I wanted to give women with Cerebral palsy some tips on how to handle having their menstrual cycles.

  1. Find the product that works well for you– over the years of having my menstrual cycle I have tried many different pads and tampons until finding the product that worked for me and my needs.
  2. Get as much rest as possible- getting rest when you’re on your menstrual cycle is the best thing for you since when you have Cerebral palsy our bodies tend to become stiffer during that time of the month so in order to reduce the pain it’s best you get to rest and don’t stress.
  3. Hold on to something that brings you comfort through pain – the best way I cope with pain during my menstrual cycle is holding on to my favorite teddy bear that I had since I was eight-years-old it helps me find happiness during this time of the month.
  4. Listen to your favorite genre of music- when I’m on my menstrual cycle I find listening to country music a great distraction when I’m in massive pain it makes the experience less difficult and it relaxes my body
  5. take your prescription medications as needed- When I’m on my menstrual cycle ibuprofen has become a lifesaver for me over the years since it helps makes the pain of cramps less and less.
  6. Try not to do a task that makes you overwhelmed and stressed out – when you’re on your menstrual cycle it’s important that you watch the task you do and make sure you’re not going to become stress while doing a task because you don’t need that stress on your body and yourself so if you could stay away from task do so .
  7. Try breathing techniques– over the years, I find breathing techniques to be helpful during my menstrual cycle and the cramps that I do get that are severe I usually breathe in out 3 times before and after each cramp and it seems to have helped me get through the week easier.
  8. Try placing a heating pad on your stomach if the cramps become too hard to bare – over the years heating pads have become my lifesaver over the years when the cramps get too much for me to handle I place a heating pad on my stomach and that helps the pain reduce for a few minutes and it will give you some time for your body to relax .
    Ultimately having to deal with a menstrual cycle is a pain in the neck with cerebral palsy it could be even harder but I’m sure with these 8 tips it will make your visit with aunt flow easier to manage

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