6 Tips on how to cope with the holidays when you have Cerebral palsy

With the holidays soon approaching, I tend to think about what makes the holidays hard for someone like me who has cerebral palsy.
although I enjoy getting together with my family during the holidays, some things make the holidays hard for me to deal with so, I decided to write 6tips on how to cope with Cerebral Palsy during the holidays :

  1. Always remain positive during actives- I understand that sometimes Cerebral Palsy can be a pain in the butt to deal with especially when you’ve been out doing activities that require you to move around, but you should always have a positive attitude about your situation.
  2. Spend time with Friends – sometimes having Cerebral palsy could make you feel lonely at times so it best that you spend time with friends that understand what you’re dealing with, I know from experience that hanging with my friends with Cerebral palsy helps me out a lot.
  3. Have a plan in place for when you get overwhelmed and feel anxious – the holidays could be an anxious time for me especially with the idea of having to go on a vacation and having to get out of the day to day routine like for example, I pack all the things that help me when I’m getting anxious like my favorite movies to keep me calm .
  4. Express your emotions – If you’re feeling overwhelmed about your disability express that to your family so that you could come up with a game plan to fix it since you’re all in this together and maybe they’ll agree with you on certain things.
  5. Listen to your favorite type of music to relax your mind – Listening to country music has always been my go-to when it comes to coping with situations with my Cerebral palsy, listening to Blake Shelton’s Christmas album to help me escape from reality and it also helps me relax my muscles form the possible triggers I might face .
  6. Find activities that you can do that won’t cause you to feel left out -Believe or not, there are many activities you could with your friends and family that won’t cause you to feel left out like skiing or snowboarding like most people do this time of year with there family my favorite activities to do with my family is dancing to Spanish music and it something that I could do .

Although having Cerebral palsy may not be easy I’m thankful for the experiences that it has given me and it the best gift I could ever receive his holiday season

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