5 things you shouldn’t say to wheelchair users

I have been in a wheelchair my whole life and throughout my years of being fully, wheelchair-bound people have told me some pretty defensive things without even realizing it.

So without further ado let’s get into it shall we

  1. you’re too pretty to be sitting in that chair– I dislike this comment every time someone tells that I understand you’re trying to be nice but it makes me feel very uncomfortable like it’s not like I’m sitting in this damn chair because I feel like it, it’s my only way of moving around in society.
  2. When are you going get up out of that chair? – okay I hate this question cause for starters, I wish I could get out of that chair at any time but I can’t and getting asked that question makes me very emotional because I don’t have an answer.
  3. You’re such an inspiration- okay now I’m honored when people say I’m their inspiration don’t get me wrong but say that after you hear my story and the things I’ve overcome just because you have a disability doesn’t make you an inspiration off the bat if you’re a person who doesn’t have a positive mindset about life in your situation then that doesn’t make you one .
  4. You’re so lucky to be sitting all day long in that chair – umm when people tell me this I just look them with a face like did you really just say that I’m lucky please I wish having C.P was that easy if all I have to do was sit in my chair.
  5. What’s wrong with you why are you in a wheelchair –first of all, this is one of the worst waste to start off a Conversation with a wheelchair user because for starters their is nothing ”wrong” with us and for two it just sounds rude and sounds very ignorant from a personal point of view so I would say just be careful with your words .

Well, that’s all, for now, do you agree with some of the choices I mentioned on here or disagree let me know down in the comments section but for now

keep on stomping,

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