5 Things We Can All Learn From Netflix’s Show ‘Special

Netflix just released a new brand new series called Special that follows the story of an openly gay man who is 28 years old with Mild Cerebral Palsy. The character is an intern at Eggwoke, an online magazine. During this series, we get a clear view on what life is like for Ryan since he goes through obstacles with acceptance and understanding who he really is

So what are the 5 things we could all learn from Special:

  1. Some people don’t understand our differences. At the beginning of the first chapter, Cerebral Lolz, Ryan is walking down the street and a little boy riding along with his scooter gets freaked out by the way Ryan walks. And so he asks Ryan what’s wrong. Ryan tells him he has Cerebral Palsy and the kid asks what that means to which Ryan explains about his C.P and the kid screams.
  2. We all live life in our own way. Ryan is a typical 28-year old man that lives his life to the best of his abilities. He is an intern at an online magazine called Eggwokes and he has his group of friends, in fact, his bestie Kim works with him at Eggwokes. Although Ryan has had difficulty fitting in society, he finds a way to make it work like anyone.

We all find a way to adapt to our lives whether we have difficulties that come our way.

  1. You should always embrace who you are and never hide it.

Throughout the eight episodes series, Ryan hides the fact he does have a mild form of Cerebral Palsy from his new employers at EggWoke magazine. He tells them the reason why he limps is that he was hit by a car while crossing the road one day. He even goes as far as writing an article about getting hit by a car and becoming impaired.

Ryan found it hard to keep the truth about his limping leg. Andater on in the series, after finding out his article got the highest views in Eggwoke history, he decides to tell his co-workers the truth about his diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy

He soon learns that people could care less if he had a condition or not. His friends liked him for the crazy party boy he was.

  1. Everyone can be sexual in our own way. In the series Special, Ryan becomes very curious about sex and being sexual. He explores that area by hiring a surrogate sex partner and it helps him find the confidence to be sexual. He also learns how to have a partner in bed and be himself. Despite any challenges we may have in the bedroom we all have different ways of being sexual with our partners. He learns that being sexual in his own shy way when having sex is his own way of embracing who he is as an openly gay man.
  2. Not everyone is really your friend and sometimes people will just be around you to see you fail. In the series, Ryan moves out of his mom’s house and he decided to throw a housewarming party. Ryannvites his so-called ”friends” but at the last minute they bailed on him. The only person that came through was his co-worker Kim.

Overall, there is a ton of things you can learn just by watching the series. Special is a show is full of humor, laughter and joy. You just can’t enough of it.

Have you seen the Netflix series Special, what are your thoughts?

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