you just ought to keep on stomping

Where does the road to this journey end with cerebral palsy this is a question I’m continuously asking myself as I’m driving on the road for the wings for life race this weekend and listening to Jeremy camp and Hillsong worship only to come to the answer of it never end

You just have to keep on stomping throughout the bad days that you have in life, for example, Yesterday I sat in the car for 3 hours feeling upset that I had Cerebral palsy and I was trapped within my own skin and I began to think about only if I could get out this car and run out and be free form my body that would be awesome .

But then I remember what I always tell people you just ought to keep on stomping no matter what and having Cerebral Palsy shapes who I’m as a woman, and I’m strong because of Cerebral Palsy and the life struggles I faced.

To be honest, it took me a while to realize that, but I’m glad I did because life is great and I’m blessed to have my parents that support me in every path I decide to take as to where some people with Cerebral don’t have that support from the family they have.

I had to tell myself Tylia it’s not the end of the world just I have to sit in the car for 3 hours when some people wish they could go outside for one day so just keep on stomping and you’ll be okay.


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