Why I hate googling Cerebral palsy

Over the years, I have used the search engine Google to find out information on many different things including my condition Cerebral Palsy.

While googling cerebral palsy, I discovered I hated googling to find information about my condition. Here’s why: it only focuses on the medical terms and the negative when it comes to people who live with Cerebral palsy and overcome their obstacles.

As there’s more to our disability than just lack of mobility or chronic illness or being wheelchair users or walker users we have the ability to be more than the statistics that defined us in our everyday society.

When I Google about Cerebral palsy, I see the stigmas continue and grow to take effect which saddens me as an advocate for Cerebral Palsy but I hope that if we all come together and share our stories then maybe I start to google Cerebral Palsy.

I think what would make googling Cerebral Palsy if more people would share their stories about how they overcome obstacles and challenges with Cerebral palsy and this is the main part of the reasons why I started to talk about Cerebral palsy and write about my life with the condition as well so that we can stop the stigmas that define Cerebral palsy

When googling cerebral palsy, I become extremely emotional because there isn’t much that focuses on the positive side of CP, and it doesn’t give parents that are just finding out their child has this condition hope and a positive outlet for the future.

It also doesn’t give people the reality of Cerebral palsy and what it is like to live with Cerebral palsy and what like to negate through life with a condition that isn’t understood by Society so what would make it easier for someone like me to google cerebral palsy if we had more of the opportunity to share our stories in a way that we can break down the stigmas and truly understand the Spectrum of Cerebral Palsy cause, not everyone with Cerebral palsy is the same .

We are all different in our own way with different stories to tell which could be misleading if you google Cerebral Palsy because they place people with the same category as others.

Which is hard to see as a person with Cerebral palsy but also an Advocate since it reminds that people with my condition isn’t understood in our Society but I hope that with the most representation we do have the less it’ll become harder to google Cerebral palsy and the more stories will come back the stigmas that I constantly see when I google Cerebral palsy.

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