Why Come as you are is a must-see Flim

I recently viewed “Come As You Are” directed by Richard Wong and screenplay written by Erik Linthorst. The starring actors included Gabourey Sidibe C. S. Lee, Hayden Szeto, Grant Rosenmeyer and last but least Ravi Patel. This film was inspired by a true story.

“Come As You Are” takes you on a road trip with 3 best friends named Matt Scotty, & Mo, who are all disabled and virgins looking to lose there virginity.

This film is a must-see for anyone who wants to laugh, cry and be inspired.

If I had to use one word to describe this film it would be, EPIC. The representation of disabilities throughout this film doesn’t draw a pity party rather it shows the viewer that we are all the same we just do things differently to accommodate for our disabilities.

As a person with a disability (cerebral palsy), I related to Scotti’s character. Him being an adult in a wheelchair with a disability and wanting to explore the world but feeling stuck at the same time.

“Come As You Are” brings awareness to that difficult part of being disabled and wanting to see the world independently, but having to be dependent on others for some assistance.

This film proves that people with disabilities can achieve their goals and anything they set there minds to just like this group of friends.

Their strength and willingness to experience life and adventure even if it meant going against want other people feel you should do.”Come As You Are” showcases the true meaning of never giving up and always living your life to the best of your abilities despite your challenges and life’s obstacles.


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