What goes through my mind as an Advocate ….

It’s 7:55 PM, I’m about to go to bed for the night and I’ve had suddenly felt the urge to write this blog about what exactly goes through my mind as go to relax and rest my head on the pillow: What could I do to become a better advocate for Cerebral palsy and the world around me not just for me but for the next generation of children, teenagers, adults, elders with Cerebral Palsy because that’s what it all about when it comes to advocacy and sharing your message with the world and the lessons you want to leave behind once you are gone.

Yet people still learn from your journey and your message which someone will help someone who is going through the same obstacles you went through in your journey when it comes to having a condition that isn’t in society because ultimately it all starts with us and our abilities to lead examples in our society and our nation as disability advocates and the people we come across in our lives.

That’s what being an advocate is all about leaving an impact within the community about what you’re passionate about and what you feel needs to change in your society and be the person that makes a difference not just for you but for the next generation to come.

So what are my hopes for the next generation of people with Cerebral palsy my hope is that we gained more acceptance and more understanding and more representation in the film industry and modeling industry so that more people with disabilities have positive role models.

I would love to see more people speaking out about their disability and sharing their stories I hope to have more accessible places for people with disabilities, I hope to have more inclusion in mainstream schools I hope to put an end to the marriage penalty
law that is why we can all feel equal.

I hope to end job discrimination when it comes to people with disabilities and hope for acceptance I hope to see authors publish books about the disability community and I hope to see an end to police retaliation when it comes to people with disabilities ..

Mainly I want to see equality for people like me and this is exactly why I advocate; because I have a vision, hope, and a dream that someday our voices will be heard and change will finally happen.


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