The 5 biggest misconceptions with cerebral palsy

In honor of cerebral palsy awareness month, I figured I would blog about the five biggest misconceptions when it comes to having Cerebral palsy since there are a ton of misconceptions that are silly some that are offensive and some that just simply ask just out of curiosity here are my personal favorites out of all the misconceptions that I’ve heard over the years .

1.  People with Cerebral Palsy can’t be active members of society because of our condition – Every time I hear people say that people with cerebral palsy can’t live in a society without being sheltered from the real world I laugh at them because we’re exposed to the world more than people think because of the struggles we have to face but also we’re like able-bodied people do .

2. We don’t have the same mental capacity as an able-bodied person- Every time I hear this misconception I just cringe because for somebody like me who has spastic cerebral palsy I’m able to understand my reality and what goes on in my everyday life I’m able to understand to understand what it’s like to make my own life decisions granted to people with cerebral palsy have trouble communicating an understanding certain things but we still can do things in our own unique way

3.  All people with Cerebral palsy are the same people 

Although this misconception is common it’s quite frankly one of the most annoying ones if you ask me not everybody with cerebral palsy is the same fact there are four different types of cerebral palsy there is Mild, Spastic Monoplegia/monoparesis, Quadriplegia/quadriparesis and symptoms vary depending on the person and what their needs are like I have friends that have Mild Cerebral Palsy and other types and we all have different abilities that make us all standout so when people put us in a category because of medical terms it makes me upset because we’re not all the same .

4.  people with  Cerebral Palsy aren’t Social with peers – Now I laugh at this misconception because we are able to communicate whether it be with your own voice or with a Communications device or sign language unless but not least body language we are of our own different ways of communicating someone people say people with cerebral palsy can’t communicate to the world and the people around them I find that be quite the silly talk

People with cerebral palsy are destined to become failures- 

From the day we are diagnosed with cerebral palsy doctors just seem to focus on the negative side of cerebral palsy versus the positive side even when you go to school when your in IEP meeting the people there tend to focus on the negative side of the personal disability and what they can’t do but the truth the matter is we all have different abilities that make us all special and just because we have cerebral palsy and we can’t do things it’s Quicker than others doesn’t mean we’re destined to fail in life

I hope you guys enjoyed the five misconceptions about cerebral palsy and please remember to go green this month as we celebrate cerebral palsy awareness month !

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