The 4 Most Empowering Things To Remember In Your 20s

As a kid, you wish you could be an adult because it seems like adults rule the world. While growing up, our parents made their own rules. It seemed like they could do whatever they want. Needless to say, while I was growing up I always thought being an adult was going to the best thing in the world.

But, boy, was I ever in for a wake-up call once I turned 20. I had to adjust to adulthood as someone in a wheelchair and different limits.

Hitting my adult years was one of the scariest moments of my life. I didn’t know what the journey was going to bring and so far it’s been a rocky one. I always thought when I turned 20 my life would be perfect.

However, it is not. In fact, you face many struggles and obstacles in your 20s because things always change. Friendships, and relationships you had may have ended. And you may begin to realize that you’re an adult now and you face responsibilities.

For an example, in my circumstance, I still live with my parents due to my limitations. But that doesn’t mean I don’t I have responsibilities as an adult still living at home. I feel like I have had to face a lot of expectations more so than normal. Mainly due to my situation and the fact that I am wheelchair-bound.

I tend to freak out at times and think that I’m not living up to what my parents are expecting of me because I still live with them. And I feel I haven’t been able to soar as much as an average person would do with fewer limitations.

I try to lift myself up with quotes that I’ve learned over the years. And they seem to have helped me throughout my 20s so far. So without further adieu, here are four empowering things you need to remember while in your 20s.

Learn to enjoy every moment of your life. Although it may seem scary to officially be in your 20s, you only get to be this young once so embrace every minute of it. Appreciate the mistakes you make and the tramples you go through because someday you can use those experiences as a learning tool.
If you ever find yourself in the wrong story, leave. This is a quote by Mo Wiliems that I find speaks the truth about discovering it’s okay to let things go in your 20s.
It’s never too late to be what you might have been. This is a quote by George Eliot. I think it’s important to remember this because a lot of people tend to think that if you don’t reach a certain goal then your life is over when really you still got time.
Don’t be a victim of self-negative talk, remember you’re listening. I love this quote by Bob Procter because when we’re in our 20’s we tend to think negatively about our life path but we have to remember to keep moving forward.
I hope you enjoyed these 4 empowering things you need to remember in your 20’s. Because being in our 20’s can be tough but we’ll make it through if we are patient and humble throughout the journey.

Featured image via Photo by Aleni Stoakes on Unspla

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