My experience wine tasting as a person with cerebral palsy

Last year, my mom, my dad, and I decided to take my aunt (who came from out of town) to a winery that was close by to where we live. I figured it couldn’t be that bad since I knew there was going to be a few country music artists playing there that day.

Wine and country music? This was going to be awesome. I was ready to party and have a good time!

When we got to the winery we went inside to where the wine tasting was taking place. I got my hand stamped and was ready to go have some fun and drink! They had samples of each wine and I remember feeling so fancy getting offered wine for the first time. I began drinking Southern White Wine and I really liked it, so I drank more while eating some fancy cheese as well. I was having a great time sitting down in my wheelchair, sipping wine and listening to music. However, all of a sudden I started to feel like the room was spinning and the walls were moving. I started to freak out as the room kept spinning, and my mind started going all over the place.

I continued to sit in my wheelchair, and started to wonder if I had made the right choice by being so eager to drink wine and dance to country music.

Soon I began to hurt all throughout my body. I’ve had a problem with pain my whole life due to my cerebral palsy and my dislocated hip.

The pain was becoming so intense that I felt as if my body were fire with every sip.It soon became very clear that I could never drink alcohol due to my chronic pain, cerebral palsy, etc.

Once I got home I put on my favorite movie and started to cry. I was in so much pain throughout my body, but I could not take my medicine because I had alcohol in my system. My mother told me that this experience could teach me a valuable lesson: although drinking may look fun it has severe consequences.

That was my first and my last wine tasting, that’s for sure, but at least I can now check that off my bucket list!

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