Life is a Highway

Many people often ask me “Why do I choose to embrace my disability” instead of hating it like most people in my situation would and the answer to that is Cerebral palsy is a part of my chapters of a book I’m writing every day called life and if I didn’t embrace it and spend all my time hating the fact I am one of 17 million people diagnosed with Cerebral palsy then I would be missing out on opportunities that life has to offer me and the lessons that are taught while on this journey my motto when it comes to my journey is the lyrics of Life is a Highway by Rascal Flatts life is a highway and I want to ride it all night long . I choose to embrace my Cerebral palsy because it’s apart of my car ride and my journey

I refused to put myself in an old beat-up van from the ’70s and ride my highway that way and have a pity party about my journey when I have the chance and the choose to just be happy and ride my highway to the best
of my abilities with my friends and family to ride along on the highway with me with my hair in the wind and my stiff hands due to my cerebral palsy but I don’t care this is my Ford pickup truck and I’m steering it my way cause it’s my highway it’s my road and yes it has bumps but it’s everyone’s road and the way they steer the car is different but that’s what makes a different driver stand out and that’s what I choose to do I choose to embrace my disability and steer the car my way and enjoy the ride no matter what the road has to bring me I’ll get through it so why hate my disability just because it’s a difficult road embrace it, learn from it and ride the ride.

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