LaCroix CEO Nick Caporella Compares Running Business to Caring for People With Disabilities: My Thoughts

On Thursday LaCroix’s CEO, Nick Caporella compered running La Croix company to caregivers caring for their family members with Disabilities.

When I first heard about Nick Caporella’s comparison I was very saddened as somebody that loves La Croix’s sparkling water and drinks it whenever my parents buy it at our local supermarket.

As I’m sitting here in my office thinking of the right words to say although I’m extremely disappointed in Nick Caporella it makes me wonder if societies going backward when it comes to peoples words and peoples knowledge regarding people with disabilities and the words that are being used towards our community and the people that we come across its very important that we continue educating people as the Advocates that we are

I strongly hope that Nick Caporella learned a very valuable lesson about words affecting people in a way that it affects your business and what you worked hard for !

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