If I Could Run Away From Home Tomorrow, This Is Where I’d Escape To

I have always enjoyed traveling.

Throughout my life, I have “run off” to many incredible places, such as North Carolina, Mexico, the Bahamas, New York, and even Tennessee.

Since I’ve gotten to travel nearly every place you could imagine, many people have asked me an extremely difficult question: If I were to run away tomorrow, where would I go?

Since I’ve always had a love for country music, Jack Daniels, and countrymen, I doubt my answer would shock anyone.

I would run away to the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.

I would live in a cute, little cabin and wear cowgirl boots, blue jeans, and button-down shirts almost every day. I’d spend all my time riding around in a green Ford pick up truck, honking at any the cute cowboys I see to try to grab their attention.

There’s something special about Tennessee. I love everything about it, especially the fascinating people and the smell of pine trees and pork rinds year-round. It makes me feel at peace and inspires me to write country music about all of its magic. I visit Tennessee every couple of summers, and every time, I fall for the way it makes me feel all over again, like I’ve never left.

If I were to run away to Tennessee, I would fall in love with the delicious Southern food again. The fried chicken and cornbread makes Tennessee special, but I especially love the barbecued ribs. They’re so tasty, and I love it when the meat falls off the bones. It reminds me of how grateful I am to be in a place that I love.

If I were to run away to Tennessee, I would fall in love with “Dukes of Hazzard” even more. My favorite TV show, “Dukes of Hazzard,” has a museum in Tennessee called Cooter’s Place. When you visit, you get to see the show’s history and what it was like to produce the show.

If I were to run away, I would definitely visit Cooter’s Place every day.

If I were to run away to Tennessee, I would get in the car and look at all the beautiful trees and the Smoky Mountains. I would blast George Strait all day, put my feet on the dashboard, and not worry about any of my problems.

Recently, I’ve been at a crossroads in life, and I have found that daydreaming about Tennessee makes me much calmer. My Tennessee fantasies a put me in a happy place, even in the darkest times in my life.

I think of Tennessee as my home away from home, my happy place. One day, I hope to live there, build my life, and truly make my favorite state my home.

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