How the proud family brought awareness to people with disabilities with the episode I love you penny proud

I recently have been feeling nostalgic and have decided to take a look back at some of my favorite childhood TV sitcoms and animated shows one of the shows that I recently discovered again was Disney’s animated series the proud family created by Bruce W. Smith.

while beige watching the series I came across the 16th episode of the first season titled ”I love you penny proud ”.

In the episode, Penny is framed for putting up graffiti claiming that she is the best, and is threatened with expulsion she and her friends’ stakeout to find out who’s the corporate of the graffiti drawing.

later on, they find out that it’s Johnny McBride who is a classmate in Penny’s algebra class who happens to be a boy in a wheelchair who has a massive crush on Penny and wants to be her boyfriend.

Penny agrees to be Johnny’s girlfriend not because she genuinely feels the same way because she feels sorrow for him because he is in a Wheelchair and she doesn’t want to hurt his feelings.

but Penny isn’t the only one who feels sorry for Johnny Mc. Bride throughout the episode we see that the people around Johnny Mc. Bride feel sorrow for him and his ” Disability ” like for example instead

of the principal suspending for as long as he was going to suspend Penny Proud and her friend he cut him a break because of his disability but also Johnny Mc. Bridge gives Penny the guilt trip to be his girlfriend.

Throughout the episode we see Penny getting extremely annoyed with the way Johnny has become too clingy in her words he sends her constant texts, emails, and sometimes comes over for study dates.

Penny expresses to her friends that she can’t take Johnny and his obsessive clinginess but she still deals with it not to hurt Johnny’s feelings meanwhile Penny’s father Oscar Proud also treats Johnny differently by treating him a little bit nicer than you would normally

treat Penny’s boyfriends that she normally has Oscar when as far as to inviting Johnny on a family ski trip while on the ski trip we get to finally see Johnny’s true colors came out when he penny and her family were on the top of the hill and Johnny demands that penny push him down the slope but penny leave him surely after that Johnny becomes even more demanding by challenging Penny’s Dad to a race which Johnny wins but overall penny winds dumping Johnny admitting only reason why she dated him was because of his disability but she also told him that his personality was also the reason that it makes an ugly and that he needed to get his attitude in check

Overall this episode is fantastic it tackles disability and the way society treats someone what the disability but it also talks about how a disability is just something that you have and it doesn’t make you who you are even if you do have one

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