How I got my name

Last Night I was going through my old yahoo! account for High School and found one of my language arts essays about how I got named Tylia Lynette and how my journey came to be


Many people wonder how their parents chose their name I wondered that too for a while into my mom told me of the wonderful story on how my name Tylia Lynnette Flores came about. My mom describes it as it was my birthday July 7, 1995, I was born three months early so my mom had no idea what she was going to name me she didn’t even know what she was having once the doctors told her that I was a girl her and her friend Lynnette started to pick up pick out some names but they didn’t sound right and then my friends mom came out with the name “Tylia” which means: One who resembles the morning dew from heaven and the name Lynette my mom got her friend as she also liked the name Lynette because it rhymed with her name Lissette but personally I don’t like the name Lynnette at all every time I hear that name I just feel like I’m going to go insane I guess the reason why only my middle name is because it’s too long and it doesn’t suit my personality and it just sounds so weird to me. But on the other hand, I do like my  name “Tylia” because I think the meaning of my name symbolizes the obstacles I had when born and how I overcame them if you look at the meaning of my name One who resembles the morning dew from heaven

The meaning symbolizes me in a way because at birth I died and doctors said I wouldn’t make it past 24 hours but look at me now almost 18 years later I may have cerebral palsy but I’m just like everybody else but I think that’s what my name symbolizes how far I made it in life.

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