How having a routine gives me motivation throughout the day

Routine is an essential tool in life to be successful. If you don’t have a habit in your everyday life, how do you expect to be successful growing up? I’ve always thought having a routine was ordinary. For example, growing up, I wasn’t allowed to watch the news before going to school so instead, I would be catching up on episodes of Oprah Winfrey.

I believe this helped me in the long run to have a positive mindset in my everyday life. Now, as an adult, my routine every single day is to find ways that I could be inspired to be greater than I was yesterday – and the day before that.

What I like to do each day is set a goal for myself while doing that routine. I can be to work some more on my online courses or to work more on my writing. Perhaps it might be to listen to more motivational speakers, such as Jim Rome Anthony Robinson Eric Thomas, or listen to an audio book of my choice. I am always trying to learn something new.

As a published author and advocate for the cerebral palsy community, having a routine is the first step of being successful in this type of career. Planning out our days and what comes next gives me the the motivation I need to make it through the day because I always have something to look forward to each and every day .

At the end of the day, after following and fulfilling my routine, it makes me feel like I have accomplished much more than what I thought I would throughout the day. It keeps me motivated and it keeps it going for the next day and the next because I know with that same routine I could succeed at so much

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