How as Told By Ginger relates to my life

When I was younger, I was a huge Nickelodeon fan. I loved their classic 90’s shows, like “Rugrats,” “Doug,” and “Catdog.” Nickelodeon has been a massive part of my life for as long as I can remember. My dream is to pitch a show that’s based off of my childhood to Nickelodeon.
One of the cartoons that has influenced that dream to have a show based off of my life is Emily Kapnek’s show “As Told by Ginger.” When I was a little girl, I didn’t understand the full storyline of “As Told By Ginger.” In fact, it wasn’t until I revisited the show a year ago that I realized that in many ways, I am just like the main character, Ginger.

I know that it may sound weird for a 23-year-old woman like myself to feel like a fictional character understands her so well. However, I’m a writer who wants to become a cartoonist at a major network one day. I want to tell stories about my childhood and teenage years, so “As Told By Ginger” really speaks to me.

Here’s how “As Told by Ginger relates to my life and describes my dream to a T.

1. Ginger’s passion for writing

Ginger always finds writing to be an outlet for the problems in her everyday life, just like I do. I write about every part of my life. When I want to write, but I don’t want people to read my thoughts, I write in my journal, just like Ginger.

2. Ginger’s Father, Jonas Foutley

Ginger and her brother, Carl’s biological father abandoned them and her mother, Lois, sometime after Carl was born. Ginger never had any fond memories or, for that matter, any memories of her father.

I can relate to this part of Ginger’s life because my biological father wasn’t around when I was growing up, and I don’t have the best memories of him.

3. Ginger’s personality

Ginger is smart, introspective, and sensitive. She is also kind and loyal to her friends. This fits me to a T because as a teen, I always cared about my schooling, and I was extra sensitive

4. Ginger’s brother, Carl Foutley
Carl reminds of my brother Brandon. Like Carl, my brother Brandon is just strange and odd, and he’s always had the funniest group of friends.

5. Courtney Gripling

I went to school with a real-life Courtney Gripling. She was just like me, but she thought she was better than I am because she was in mainstream classes, but I was not.

6. Ginger’s mom, Lois

Ginger’s close bond with her mom, Lois, reminded me of my mom’s and my relationship. I consider my mom to be my BFF, just like the way that Ginger sees Lois.

7. Ginger’s book

At the end of the “As Told By Ginger Series,” in the film “The Wedding Frame,” Ginger becomes a bestselling author. My dream is to become a New York Times bestselling author someday, just like Ginger is.

Watching “As Told By Ginger” has inspired me. It has taught me to to keep going every day, no matter what the obstacle is. Most importantly, it has taught me how important it is to keep writing about your everyday life because you never know who you could inspire.

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