How Advocating Helps Me Cope with Cerebral Palsy

I decided to start advocating for cerebral palsy when I turned eighteen years old. I wanted to help others find and make a difference in the world for others like myself.

Little did I know that getting involved in advocacy for people with my condition would help me cope with Cerebral palsy and give me the outlet I’ve needed.

When I’m advocating for people with Cerebral palsy, I enter a whole new world of feeling empowered to think about what impact I want to leave behind when this is all set and done.

Since it takes us to make a difference and educate others on what it really means to live in a society with a condition is common but has very little awareness about it which tends to have people see it in a negative vs the positive way but it should be seeing it but isn’t.

When I’m advocating I tend to forget about the lack of my mobility that I face on a day to day basis with Cerebral palsy I feel like nothing is impossible and nothing can stop me I feel like I’m releasing all my thoughts in a positive way to make a difference in society as I tell my story to the best of my abilities as I hope my story touches everyone I come across that’s what keep me going is my mission to give people with Cerebral palsy a sense of hope and inspiration to keep on going despite every challenge they may face in society.

Whenever I feel like giving up especially after I’ve had a long night of constant pain I think about all the people that I could help and that’s what keeps me going is the constant reminder that someone out there needs my story.

When I’m advocating I feel like I’m not stuck in my mind it gives a sense of relief and a clear head to keep on fighting to bring more awareness to what it’s like to live with Cerebral palsy.


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