For an orthopedic surgeon..

Hey Everyone,
I have been trying to find an orthopedic surgeon who will perform my hip reconstructive surgery for the past few years. I had a hip dislocation surgery in 2001, and then a year later I had a second surgery to remove the metal plate from my hip.
As I grew older, my hip dislocated again. Now, I suffer from chronic pain every single day as a 27-year-old woman I can’t sit for more than an hour without feeling as if I’ve been through the ring of fire, and I can’t lay down properly in bed without feeling tight. Nobody should live like this, especially when they have their whole lives ahead of them
After visiting many orthopedic surgeons last summer we found out I need hip reconstructive surgery because of the fact that my current hip is so far out of the socket.

To date, I have not been able to find a surgeon who would perform the surgery. I know I don’t post things like this, but I feel like this is a very important part of my journey and I want to use my advocacy voice to help me get through the process and to help others going through the same process. If anyone has recommendations for a doctor who performs the surgery, I would greatly appreciate it.

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