Disability pride month: five reasons to celebrate

Disability pride month is here, and as someone living with cerebral palsy her entire life and who is proud to be part of a community full of acceptance, inclusion, and diversity, I tend to think about all of the reasons why we should celebrate disability pride month.

1. As members of the disability community, we all have different stories to share with the world. There is one thing I learned: we all have stories to tell that connect us in our own way.

2. Disability pride month gives people with disabilities a voice and eliminates stigmas and misconceptions regarding those with disabilities. Having a disability brings stigmas and misconceptions that everyone assumes are normal. In honor of disability pride month, we are able to spread awareness about these stigmas and misconceptions in order to encourage others not to accept the stigma as normal.

3. Disability is a part of our everyday lives and people with disabilities live their lives to the fullest extent possible despite obstacles – people with disabilities live everyday lives just like everyone else and have much to offer society as a whole.

4. Disability Pride Month gives us all a chance to come together as a whole from all different parts of the world and celebrate each other’s strengths. When it comes to people with disabilities we have many hidden strengths and abilities.

5. Disability Pride month gives us the opportunity to express ourselves and take pride in who we are – disability pride month enables people with disabilities to be who they truly are without feeling ashamed or embarrassed.

Disability pride month is a time to recognize diversity and acceptance in a world that shines brighter with it

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