Finding beauty within my Cerebral palsy

When I was younger I would have considered myself to be the ugliest person in the world, to say the least, I had buck teeth that would remind anyone of Bugs bunny until I finally got braces in 6th grade which I got teased for a lot having buck teeth and getting braces but I also got picked on for being different from the rest of my student body which caused me to see my Cerebral palsy as something ugly and for many years I hated the fact that I was in this body and I wanted to be free from it and I would become disgusted with my windswept legs or my swan finger every time I looked at it not seeing the beauty in my Cerebral palsy just blinded by the fact that I was a beautiful person all long and the only person that was allowing myself to feel that I was ugly was me and it was my job and my duty to make myself feel beautiful and make myself feel empowered to say this is my body, my refection, my shadow and I’m now proud to say that about myself and about my journey with Cerebral palsy and how far I’ve come in my life.

But to be honest, looking back despite my insecurities and what people told me I was always beautiful in many ways but the issue was I allowed myself to channel negative energy when I should’ve have been when it comes to finding beauty it comes from us and our inner strength and our mindset if you allow yourself to think negatively about yourself and the way you view your body then you are the one blocking yourself from living your life fully to the best of your abilities looking back at it I would have told myself to try and find the beauty in my journey and my life which if I had to describe my life’s journey it I would say it’s a beautiful journey with bumps it is worth the ride and as far as my body goes I would describe it to look like a swan that was considered to be the ugly duckling

but grown into something unexpecting beautiful something I never would happen to me but with time I learned a very valuable lesson about the world is that beauty it all starts with you and if you view yourself as an ugly person then that’s how society is going to view you and it’s your attitude about life that makes you as beautiful as a want so just embraced your different abilities and be you because that’s where the beauty starts and is.
beauty isn’t defined by looks or what on the outside is it defined by the message you leave with the people in your circle and the world surrounding you and the impact you want to leave and that’s how I chose to see my meaning of beauty and nothing more as it such be seen in the world.

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