Fashion should have no boundaries ​!

Fashion has always been an interesting part of my journey with Cerebral Palsy just because of the Spastic Cerebral Palsy and how the 

condition affects the way I dress in many ways because of my windswept legs or the way my body gets tight when I put on jackets or when I’m trying to put jeans but it’s more difficult because of the way my hip is dislocated.  But I still enjoy being stylish with my clothing and trying different styles of clothing although my favorite style when it comes to my fashion is always looking smart and mature since I’m an author and advocate, Podcaster but

I wasn’t always into dressing in that way there was a point in time during my early teen years where I was into dressing somewhat of a tomboy I enjoyed dressing up in a t-shirt with some shorts and my checkerboard Vanes .

Not because I was against wearing Nice dresses and nice shoes it’s like heels and such it was because there are not many assessable options when it comes to fashion for Woman like me so my opinion of finding the perfect clothing for the event that I attend is very limited and can sometimes be very stressful because I have to make sure that the address is always a size bigger or my shoes are always a size bigger or since I’m sitting down in my chair I can’t wear certain things although I may be in love with that particular clothing item I know that it’s not an option for me because of the boundaries that I face when it comes to fashion .

When it comes to fashion and having boundaries that shouldn’t be an option for anybody with a disability everyone should be able to feel beautiful and be able to express themselves and their own unique way through fashion because fashion is a reflection of your personality and it’s a reflection of who you are and what makes she standout like anything we do in society we all have the right to be fashionable that’s why I have joined forces with non-profit Organization No fashion boundaries so that people with disabilities to freely express themselves through fashion and the things they love to wear because people should not have boundaries with anything in life because we are all equal

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