Fall In Love With Love Again

When I think about falling in love, the first thing that comes to mind is my first love. I fell in love at age 18 when I met my ex-boyfriend through Facebook.

We were together for 5 years. After we broke up, though, I tried to stop thinking about falling in love because I wondered if it was even possible for me to fall in love again.

I was heartbroken. Part of me wanted to block out all of my emotions just so I wouldn’t fall “head over wheels” again (I’m a wheelchair user.)

When I was single, my friends always told me that I should try to open up my heart again, even if it took time. They thought it was time for me to fall in love with love again.

I always asked them how I could fall in love again when I spent 5 years of my life loving someone who broke my heart, someone who I thought was going to be my forever love.

No matter what my friends said, I just wanted to close myself off to love. But once I was ready to pick up the pieces of my broken heart, I put myself out there.

When I stepped outside of my comfort zone to find love, I met the most amazing guy. He collects Funko Pop figurines and loves 90’s pop culture, just like I do. Most importantly, he’s kind, thoughtful, and sweet. We recently became a couple, and we’re taking things slowly. Still, as I fall more and more in love with my boyfriend, I also fall more deeply in love with love.

Falling in love again helped me find myself and realize that I need to love myself before I love anyone else.

Even if you’re heartbroken, you should fall in love with love again. Otherwise, you will miss out on the love you deserve and never have the opportunity to find someone who truly understands you. No matter how afraid or unsure you are, get out there, open up your heart, and start loving.

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