Disability rights are apart of History too Public schools

I have heard many stories and having to learn history I have heard many things about the Holocaust and how Hitler took the power of Germany and the Jewish people and formed his nation due to the influence of manipulation.

We all know that many Jewish people had been tortured to death during the Holocaust in concentration camps, but we rarely hear about the rest of the people that were killed that were Jewish like for instance.

Hitler would take mentally and disabled people and put them in concentration camps for a while. Their family members thought they were away at a camp that was for people with disabilities when in reality they were tortured.

I did not find this out until my freshman year of high school, and I was shocked to find out such information. After doing some research about it, there’s not much information about it.

This makes me wonder if people with disabilities have always been overshadowed because I feel as of cerebral palsy’s been dominated although we’re the most common condition in the world you get very little awareness.

Which brings me back to history books in public schools. How come they don’t talk about the disability rights movement and how people with disabilities had to fight for buses that were handicap accessible.

How about talking about the times where students with disabilities were excluded from public schools because not many people were aware of our disabilities?

I wish schools would start teaching students about the struggle people with disabilities had back in the 1920’s and 1940’s and up to the 60s since it’s a huge part of history that people need to educate about it.

it saddens me that disability rights and movements that were brought to the world aren’t taught to our students that are the next generation of the generation that would change the world.

I strongly feel that school should touch based on these types of events that happen the one thing I want schools to touch based on is

The part of the holocaust where people with disabilities lost their lives because someone who believed in hatred and not love which is sad when thinking about the people who started speaking for our rights. ike my hero Edward V. Roberts who was a disability rights leader who changed the world why isn’t he mentioned anywhere in school history books why isn’t there a month in school where we honor people with disabilities, and we gain knowledge main on the activist that changed the world for us to be able to live freely and without worry.

Public schools in our nation’s need to start focusing on teaching our students the importance of disability awareness because I feel like it could help students understand disabilities and have knowledge of disabilities.

I hope that one day schools start to bring awareness because voices needs to be heard.

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