Dear cerebral palsy, I love you…

Dear Cerebral palsy, 

I know for the past 26 years we haven’t had the best relationship to the many ups and downs you’ve taught me many things and I love you for it.

I love you for reminding me that no obstacles too big or too small for me to overcome.

I love you for making me the way I am from my windswept legs to my swan neck deformity to the way You made my life into a random party

I love you for the life experiences you have given me and the introductions you have allowed me to have

I love you for giving me a story that has a simple message that comes from nothing but the pure heart and soul of mine

I love you for allowing me to see the world with a different pair of lenses unlike anybody else

I love you because you’ve given me the ability to be who I’m proudly.

so I thank you a ton…

with love, Tylia

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