Calvin Can’t Fly: ASL Storybook is must see film for those with disabilities

I recently came across the most amazing film adaptation called Calvin can’t Fly a phenomenal children’s book by Jennifer Burnes.

Which follows the story of main protagonist Calvin who happens to be a birdie who could not fly like the rest of his cousins.
found a new interest in literature, meanwhile all his cousins made fun of him calling a bookworm them feel out of place, which is something anyone with a disability could relate to when viewing Calvin can’t Fly ASL STORYBOOK FLIM .

Since there was one point in our lives where we felt like we were Calvin as people growing up with disabilities that society doesn’t seem to understand author Jennifer Burnes did a phenomenal job displaying that emotion for others.

Later on Calvin’s cousins come across a hurricane and through the process Calvin helps them through it and they soon realize that because of the fact that Calvin was a bookworm and he loved reading books that’s what helped them get  through the hurricane, and they realized that they shouldn’t have Judged him for reading books and having a different interest because at the end of the day, he was just the same as everyone else.


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