Dear Carly

I’m writing this letter to my future daughter for when she is one day born, I want her to know that I loved her before she was born and how I’ve always hoped for her. I think it’s also a beautiful tradition for future parents to do, not only is it a way to share your love, but it can heal.

For myself, a writer, this is a great way to connect with my future children. It doesn’t matter if they too, take up writing but it allows me to share with them, pieces of myself for them to hold onto or learn from. Do you think writing letters to your future kids is a good thing to do? Have you, written a letter to your future kids?

Well, for now, it’s time, for my first letter to begin.

Dear Carly,

I want to start off this letter by telling you that Mommy loves you very much and you are my world. Please don’t ever forget that. I’m sure by now you may have noticed that I’m different for other moms out there.

But that doesn’t stop me from loving you any less then what I do.

Yes, Carly bug, there might be days where I’m in pain and won’t want to get out of the bed, but you will be my strength. Just like your grandma and grandpa were before you and daddy came along. You all have changed my life for the better and gave me the perfect dream that I’ve always wanted.

Believe me, when I say, everything about you is fantastic Carly, your smile, your laughter, your beauty, your imagination, and your mind. In your thoughts, I hope that you’re aware of truly how beautiful your soul is. And one day when you are sixteen years old and bring your first boyfriend or girlfriend, home, whichever you prefer it won’t bother me at all; remember what I’ve told you.

I can’t wait to lay my eyes on you for the first time as daddy cuts your umbilical cord. I can’t wait to hear you cry for the first time, and feel an overwhelming feeling that I will not be able to describe until the day comes.

And most of all I can’t wait to start the chapter of motherhood with you.

It will wonderful to bring you with me to all my book tours and show you the world through my eyes. I’ll buy you all the barbies and American girl dolls you desire, but don’t be fooled, they must be earned with good grades and a lot of studying.
Yeah, it doesn’t seem like fun but I promise as your mother, you’ll understand and learn what I mean one day.

I especially can’t wait to teach you everything you need to know about being a lady. Like how to go shopping at your favorite store and so much more. I can’t to be your best friend and watch Golden Girls and l many other televisions shows I love.

However, the best part, and what I’m super excited for is… I can’t wait to hold you and tell how much I love you. To help guide you through life and show you the way. I look forward to seeing what you become and as long as you’re happy I will support you.

Just don’t become a criminal, hah.

I know you won’t I just had to put that in their sweetie. Anyhow I love you so much my loving daughter, and I’m so honored to be your mom. I’m so blessed to have you, sweetie. Truly.

Oh, I can’t wait to chase you in my wheelchair until I can’t anymore, and just ahead up I’m going to win.

And by the way, just note I’m going to be calling you Carly bug until I’m 80 years old and I don’t have teeth anymore but most all I’m going to try my best to be the greatest mom in the world for you.

Love you Always CarlyBug


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