Bridal shop boutique uses a wheelchair mannequin

Today while I was surfing the web I came across a news story about a bridal shop boutique called The White Collection Bridal Boutique in England displaying a wheelchair user mannequin in the bridal shop.

When I first came across this story I told myself that I had to write on the writer’s hub about this as a woman with Cerebral Palsy that pictures herself as the mannequin wearing that beautiful dress.

It feels good to know that The White Collection Bridal Boutique is bringing awareness to people with disabilities and ending the stigma and the misconceptions about people with disabilities not being able to find a long life partner and not being able to have the fairytale wedding we desire and want someday like everyone else in society wants

Hopefully, more bridal shops will become inspired to have more bridal shops that will shed light on brides with disabilities and how we all have the desire to find that special someone one day and we will be just like any other bride on her special day !

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