Be the authors of your own life

Recently I had the opportunity to be a keynote speaker at the first annual virtual Cerebral Palsy awareness conference.
Throughout the last eight days, I began to reflect on my journey and how far I’ve come in my life and think why I finally did it. I wheeled, stumbled and watched others pass by me.
But I continued to be the tourist on wheels since I knew that one day I would be the one to overcome the many challenges and obstacles that came my way.

From being the little girl who would get bullied for having buck teeth and having to wear AFO’S, from being that teenage girl who I wasn’t proud of, the young girl that I was with braces to straighten her teeth and now having to wear glasses to correct my vision.

To now being a confident woman who is proud of every part of her body and the lessons my disability has taught me along the way and to be able to write my story each and every day through the life experiences that I’ve faced in my life it truly reminds that every obstacle that I went through was all worth it.

It may not seem like obstacles aren’t a great thing but they are and they teach you many lessons in the long run that will lead you to the finish line and will open doors for you and you will continue to grow and gain opportunities throughout your journey.

Obstacles are lessons that are placed in your life to teach you how to overcome things that may seem too hard for you to deal with but in the long run, it would all be worthwhile. When you are using your story to help others and your writing your life story to the best of your ability those obstacles you went through will seem like a piece of cake and you look back and say wow, I made it after I stumbled, I’ve fallen but I’ve picked myself and my wheels back up and continued my journey throughout my life.

I could have been a statistic. I could’ve been someone who let her disability define who she was going to be but I will not and I will continue to write my story to the best of my abilities. All through my journey, I have learned that no obstacle means it’s the end of your story, it’s one bad chapter so if you’re going an obstacle it’s going to be okay hang on cause one day you’ll overcome this you will say I can’t believe I’ve overcome that chapter of my book cause we are the author of our lives each and every day we wake up.

Each and every day we come across antagonists and protagonists, It’s what we do with our lives that makes our book stand out and be the ones to get picked up and read by millions.
In closing, let me say this: We are the authors of our lives, how is our next Chapter going to start?








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