9 best Valentines day gifts to gift someone with Cerebral palsy

With Valentine’s Day upon us , I tend to think about the valentines day gifts, I have gotten in years prior from past crushes and friends of mine as a person with cerebral palsy I received some pretty cool gifts that helped me a lot here’s some I would recommend.

  1. Teddy Bears – I love getting Teddy bears for valentine’s day because on my difficult days when I have massive amounts of pain on my left side I love to hold on to a teddy bear and squeeze it since it helps reduce the pain that I had.
  2. Homemade cards – I love getting homemade cards from my valentines because its a reminder that I’m not alone and I have people that love and care about me.
  3. Music CDS of your choice – when I was sixteen-years-old my mother brought me Blake Shelton’s first album untiled Blake Shelton with my favorite song Austin on it and when I go to my doctor’s appointments, I listen to Austin which helps reduce my anxiety and relaxes my mind form what’s about to happen.
  4. Journals – for as long as I could remember, I loved writing in journals and expressing my thoughts about my cerebral palsy and allowing my emotions to be set free and let go of any negative thought I was having.
  5. Muscle Relief Lotion – for as long as I could remember, I’ve always enjoyed using Muscle Relief Lotion since putting on the Muscle Relief Lotion helps relax the left side of my body and reduces the pain that received on my left side of my body
  6. Movies of your choice -for as long I can remember, I always loved watching my favorite movie Urban Cowboy and the Incredible Mr. Limpet right before a doctor’s appointment since it helps reduce my anxiety and nerves that have to come along with going to the doctor’s appointments.
  7. Stress Balls –ever since the 7th grade I have always relied on stress balls since it helps reduce stress when my body is in a lot of pain and it feels like I can’t control it I could always squeeze my stress ball and relax my mind and my body
  8. Pillows – For as long as could remember, I have always loved pillows since they come and handy especially when you have to go on the road for a doctor’s appointment that’s far from home and you want to get comfortable in the car pillows are the perfect gift for your special valentine.
  9. Inspirational quotes signs – I have always loved reading inspirational quotes especially when I have my days where having cerebral palsy is too much for me to handle I always liked to read inspirational quotes sign in my room and it makes my day much earlier. an inspirational quote sign is a perfect gift for your valentine cause it will bring them happiness and remind them to keep moving forward.

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