8 Lessons you learn from watching Speechless

I’ve always been a massive fan of ABC’S Speechless and the awareness it brings to society and the insight of having a family member with Cerebral Palsy.

There are many lessons you can learn from watching speechless, so I decided to come up with eight lessons you will learn while watching Speechless.

1. Special needs moms are fighters

Maya DiMeo is the perfect example of a mother of a special needs child that will fight for her son JJ’s rights, and she will get nothing stop her to make sure her son has a healthy and happy life.

2. Teenagers with disabilities are just as moody and outspoken as the average type

JJ is entirely the funniest teenage I’ll ever see although he uses a Communication Device to speak his mind he very outspoken

My favorite thing JJ has ever expressed within in the series would have to be in the episode where JJ get a female translator and can’t stand her voice, so he reveals that using his communication device.

3. You should never park in the handicap without a permit spot in less you want a catfight between a special needs parent and child without a doubt it’s a big no-no.

4. You should never feel pity for people like JJ or try to put us in a category because disabled people are just like everyone else speechless showcases this lesson in the episode where JJ wins a filmmakers competition but only to realize the only reason he won was that the people who arrange the contest felt bad because he had cerebral palsy. People with disabilities can do things in a different way

5. When people with disabilities are learning how to drive move out the way JJ learned to in the episode where his feelings got hurt because his helper let him getting all the praise in from taking care of someone with special needs.

So to make it to JJ he takes him driving needles to say it didn’t go so well. So the lesson taught here stay off the road when a person with a disability is driving.

6. It’s cool to be different JJ is a prime example of how to be the coolest middle schooler with cerebral palsy he’s the funniest guy ever and lives his life to the best of his ability he betrays this in every episode.

7. Having a sibling with cerebral palsy isn’t all that bad JJ has the best supportive set of siblings Ray and Dylan are very supportive and try to understand JJ’s disability but also JJ’s uses his siblings to his advantages like whenever he wants his siblings to do something he used his Cerebral palsy as the thing that gets his siblings to do stuff.

8. Never skip people in wheelchairs in a line while shopping for groceries because they we’ll come up with the ways to get their revenge like JJ did in the episode where he was at the grocery store, and a man push him, so JJ made it impossible for him to shop by blocking every aisle  to make his shopping trip and possible and when the man asked JJ why he was blocking his way he said to teach you a listen .

Now that I listed what you learn from watching Speechless I want to say what the show means to me ABC’S Speechless has brought me so much joy to me because it means that awareness to Cerebral Palsy which is something that I never thought it would happen with that being said I hope you enjoy this article and if you haven’t done so check out Speechless on ABC .

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