5 things I wish people told me about my Cerebral palsy

Being someone who has lived with Cerebral palsy their whole life and has faced many challenges and obstacles there are many things I wish people would have told me about my cerebral palsy:


  1. It’s okay to stand out and be different from others- as a child, I struggled with expecting my cerebral palsy and being the person that stood out for the rest of the crowd for a long time not understanding that it’s okay to stand out and be who I am.
  2. your Cerebral palsy doesn’t define your abilities and what you can’t and can do – As a child, I often thought that my cerebral palsy does not define my abilities and what I could and couldn’t do little did I know I was wrong about myself.
  3. Having Cerebral palsy doesn’t make you any less smart then your friends and it’s okay that you need extra help – as a child, I struggled a lot in school and catching up with rest of my class especially in mathematics and I use to hate the fact I needed extra help and I used to think that I wasn’t smart enough and my friends were smarter than me when that was far from the truth.
  4. Cerebral palsy is a beautiful part of you so don’t be ashamed of it – as a child, I used to be so ashamed of my cerebral palsy and the way I look on the outside not understanding that my Cerebral palsy makes me beautiful and I shouldn’t be ashamed of it.

5. You might not see it now but Cerebral palsy makes life an adventure – as a child I hated my Cerebral palsy because I thought it made things more complicated but little did I know that that’s part of my story and adventure.

Photo credit : https://unsplash.com/photos/GIJWGUXKEzY

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