4 Lessons you could learn from “Crip Camp”

I recently watched Netflix’s “Crip Camp”; a documentary that follows the story of people with disabilities who go to a General Education summer camp to find an escape from the reality of having a disability so what are some lessons you can learn from Netflix’s “Crip Camp”?


  1. People with disabilities are just like everyone else; Throughout the documentary, we get to meet campers with Spina Bifida, Cerebral Palsy and Polio but that doesn’t make them any different from anyone else.
  2. Everyone has a story – everyone has a story to tell; Throughout the documentary, we get to hear the stories of people with disabilities who faced many obstacles and challenges.
  3. People with Disabilities do have voices – Throughout “Crip Camp” we see people with disabilities fight against discrimination and not having the proper accessible place for people like us but throughout the movie we see these ordinary people speak up and use their voices to make a difference in the world.
  4. Never give up despite the battles you face- throughout “Crip Camp” you’ll see many of the disabilities Advocates we all love and know today go to Washington D.C to fight for the 504 plan and the ADA to be establish and through that journey, they faced many challenges along the way but they never gave up until their voices were heard. Ultimately there are many lessons you can learn from Netflix’s “Crip Camp” so if you haven’t done so please check out Crip Camp.

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