3 Big Brands You Didn’t Know Have Adaptive Clothing Lines

Fashion is a part of our everyday lives, and developing your own individual style is a wonderful way to express yourself. But what happens when your disability or health condition makes it difficult to dress fashionably?

Luckily, many designers and clothing companies are recognizing individual needs and creating adaptive clothing options. If you need adaptive clothing or just want to support forward-thinking companies, here are some great clothing lines to check out.

  1. Tommy Hilfiger

Long hailed as a major name in fashion, Tommy Hilfiger now offers an entire line of adaptive clothing. Their Tommy Adaptive line offers “runway-inspired styles created with dressing ease.” Additionally, the line includes a number of adaptations. Hilfiger offers easy closure, seated wear, easy movement, and prosthetic-fitting options. Moreover, their line is made for men, women, and children.

2 . Target

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that America’s favorite big box retailer has offered adaptive clothing for nearly 2 years now, but Target offers somewhat limited options and the adaptive clothes are typically only available online. However, the chain does offer items for women, men, and children. The adaptive options also provide dressing ease, sensory considerations, side openings, thumbholes, and wheelchair accommodations.

3 .Etsy

Some adaptations require more effort than others. However, many smaller companies have entered the world of adaptive clothing. Despite the lack of adaptive clothing options in the past, you can now meet your needs and show off your individual style nearly anywhere you shop. Thanks to Etsy, you can search for anything from ostomy bag covers to feeding tube accessories.

Ultimately, fashion is one of the best ways we can express ourselves on a daily basis. Also, our individual needs should never stop us from showing our style. Moreover, with more companies creating adaptive offerings, we can all find clothes that fit our style and our needs.

If you’ve tried adaptive clothing, share your favorite clothing lines in the comments!

Featured Photo via itslololove.

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