26 years of rising the phoenix

With tomorrow being my 26th birthday, I have decided to celebrate by writing 26 years of rising the Phoenix in honor to celebrate my journey as a person with cerebral palsy. 

26 Years of Rising the Phoenix 

By Tylia L. Flores 

We have officially made it  to another year, 

With many bumpy roads, 

But with the guidance, I managed to make it through it all, 

Despite the many reasons I have had to give up, 

I’m still flying  through my life to the best of my ability, 

Despite my disability that tries to define me, 

But I refuse to let the label become my definition of life, 

instead, I have become determined to make my own definition, 

of who  I am and who I want to be,  

I want to be known as the bird that everyone doubted but eventually became the rise of the Phoenix, 

and proudly embraces her scars her obstacles and her challenges, 

Soaring high in the sky mighty and  with pride, 

She continues her way into this new phase of life, 

With hopes of creating many new adventures, 

Learning many new lessons along the way,  

And lastly continuing to fly for those who can’t fly on their own


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