Why we need to talk about those with disabilities in Ukraine

In the past week, I have felt nothing but numbness, sadness, and anger as we saw a war unfold right before our eyes.
I tend to think about all those citizens living in Ukraine with disabilities and why we should be concerned. In this current time, those with disabilities are among the most vulnerable.
This war is quickly becoming an issue of human rights toward those with disabilities, along with the other major issues this war poses. It especially causes a major conflict when it comes to the limited options that those with disabilities have.
It affects not only those with disabilities but also their caregivers. Proper medical resources are incredibly limited right now, and many people are having to survive without their usual supplies. This is a time of uncertainty, stress, and many questions that we as a society don’t have the answers to. It poses the important question of what is the right course of action with an event of this magnitude?
Although the war may not have directly affected those in the US with disabilities, this is something that we need to pay close attention to. We need to advocate to make sure that the stories of people with disabilities in Ukraine are being told and documented so that we can help them figure out an answer. We need to move forward and come up with ways to give them a sense of peace of mind and strength to pull through this. They’re in the middle of something that those of us in the U.S. can’t even imagine, and it affects them just as much as it could affect us if we were in the same situation.
This isn’t just an issue for Ukraine to worry about; this is a global issue. This is an issue that falls into humanitarian rights and the way we continue not only as a society in the U.S. but globally. whether the ADA is a factor in this isn’t important because of the fact that people with disabilities don’t just live in one country, they live all around the world. They have lives and they are human just like us.
That’s why we should discuss this in the media, with our peers, with our family, and advocate for what we believe in as a nation. We need to come together and make it clear that we want our voices heard, too, and we will not be silenced. We have stories too. We have voices, opinions, and message that needs to be spread amongst the nation and the entire world.

That’s why I feel the media should cover more about people with disabilities in the war. I strongly believe that if we focus on that as a society, we can bring more awareness to what truly happens in the crossfires for those with disabilities. Also, the effects it has on the population in those surrounding them, as well.
With more news coverage and more conversations we participate in about disabilities within Ukraine right now, I feel like it would be a step forward in understanding, acceptance, guidance, and awareness. Hopefully, we can guide those with disabilities to the comfort and resources they need during this difficult time.


Previously published on https://www.wordsbetweencoasts.com/

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