What makes someone a great advocate

Over the years, I received this most common question in regard to my journey with Cerebral Palsy I overcome challenges and obstacles.
What do you think makes someone a great advocate?

After giving it some time and thinking about it constantly I came up with these three bullet points :

  • Being able to take the leadership role in your everyday life- people don’t realize is that advocacy starts with leadership and it’s about thinking about the things you can do to help lead a community and also leading others towards success.
  • Observation- When it comes to advocacy, Observation is one of the greatest tools you could have because it allows you to view the changes that need to be made on a day-to-day basis and it also gives you the motivation to do that.
  • Being a good listener- When it comes to being an advocate, it’s very important that you take the time out and just listen to someone, especially when expressing themselves about the frustrations of living in an ableist society that we do live in today. When you become a good listener. You program your mind to great learning and great opportunities.


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