The top five reasons I celebrate Cerebral palsy awareness all year long

With this week being the end of  Cerebral palsy awareness month, I tend to think about the many reasons why I continue to celebrate Cerebral palsy awareness all your long and why it is so important that we as advocates and people with Cerebral palsy continue to spread a message and leave our marks.

  1.  Everyone has a unique journey – No one with Cerebral palsy has the same story everyone’s story is unique and should always be celebrated.
  2. People with Cerebral palsy are full of possibilities- it’s no secret that people with Cerebral palsy are full of possibilities and have many talents.
  3.  Globally,  over 17 million people are diagnosed with cerebral palsy but yet there is very little awareness about it when it comes to Cerebral palsy and what’s like to live with this condition – Although According to statistics they are 17 million people globally diagnosed with cerebral palsy there are very little talks about it within the media in the mainstream that’s why it’s important we continue to bring awareness to what it’s really like to live with Cerebral palsy hopefully the mainstream media will start bringing awareness to Cerebral palsy.
  4. cerebral palsy awareness month collide with St. Patrick’s Day- Cerebral palsy awareness month is also in the month of March which collides with St. Patrick’s Day – March is also the month of St. Patrick’s Day where people go green and celebrate the Irish. But there’s a lot of issues with that because the color of cerebral palsy awareness is green people don’t understand the differences between going green for St. Patrick’s Day or going green for cerebral palsy once again lack of awareness.
  5. As an advocate, I believe it’s my job to continue educating others- As an advocate for Cerebral palsy I believe it’s my job to continue to educate others and debunk the stigma surrounding Cerebral palsy and that job NEVER ENDS!.
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