It was turly​​ a night to shine

Yesterday, I attended night to shine for the first time for those of you I have no clue what night to shine is it is a prom dedicated to people with disabilities it was started by NLF Player Tim Tebow and his foundation five years ago .

Night to shine allowed me to step out of my shelf and express myself in ways I could never imagine although I’ve been so sure about my life I’ve got the courage to do things I never thought I would like singing karaoke in

public or finding the courage to dance and be wild but I have to thank my ”Buddy” Cecelia for being an awesome bright spirited young women and showing me the ropes and picking out my dance Partners .

But in all seriousness, it was truly a night to shine it will be a life experience that I’ll never forget for as I live and I will continue to go every year from this point on.

when it comes to having a disability as Cerebral Palsy could be in an Emotional roller coaster or any disability for that matter so having something like night to shine where you could just forget about the fact you

have a disability is amazing so shout to Tim Tebow Foundation and Real life Christian church for making our night truly a night to shine

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