It all starts with us

Yesterday, I was elated to find out that I was quoted by the Cerebral palsy Foundation: I have cerebral palsy and I want people to be aware that although we may have to do it differently from others, it doesn’t mean we can’t achieve it

This brings me to the importance of spreading awareness about Cerebral palsy within our communities and within our everyday lives as well.

A lot of the times when I’m doing interviews I get asked the question of what do you think awareness for Cerebral palsy really starts?

My answer is always the same it starts with us and the experiences that we’ve had as individuals with cerebral palsy.

As an advocate, I strongly feel as if we all come together and share our experiences as a community and be truthful about them then maybe this will be a step in the right direction to spread the proper awareness and in the misconceptions that we’ve been trying to fight off for many years even though the ADA has been passed for 31 years almost we still have to bring awareness to ourselves and the world around us .

When it comes to awareness it takes Time, dedication, and inspiration, to speak up and say I’m going to bring awareness to this and I’m going to debunk the stigmas so when I think back to where awareness really start I strongly believe that it takes a spark within you to find that inner advocacy spirit that you desire to be.

After all, it only takes one chain reaction and one spark to start a movement that you believe in so be that person that goes out there and makes it different because you have it in you to be the greatest advocate you could be and bring awareness to what you believe in despite what others say this is your story this is your impact in the world needs it


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