Don’t pray for me but pray for awareness

So this past weekend I was out with my family and a man approaches me and asks me if he could pray for me? Which I had no problem with but then he asked me what was going on with my body and what did I need to be healed from
My response was this: I have Cerebral palsy but I do not wish to be healed I am happy with the way God has made me.
The only thing I would like you to pray for is more awareness and more acceptance for people like me

He looked at me very puzzled and then started praying and then I said I hope I can teach you a thing or two about disabilities and understanding that God makes no mistakes when he makes us just the way we are.

The reason why I responded this way is because there’s a lot of stigma surrounding people with disabilities and how we choose to live our lives along with our obstacles and challenges people assume that were in desperation to be healed when really all we want is understanding and acceptance and may be different ways to adapt to the world nothing more than that.

If we could use moments like this to help society understand and educate about disabilities and what our lives are really like Then maybe people wouldn’t feel so obligated to pray for us anymore because they feel a sense of Pitty.

Which is my only hope for the near future and I hope that As a person with a disability we can teach others and educate others on ending the stigma surrounding our everyday lives.

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