Disability​ and Mass shootings

I recently saw this tweet on twitter by an Anonymous Twitter user: When is #disability mentioned during conversations on #GunViolence or #massshootings? As an excuse for white murders. When is it not mentioned? 2 talk about how many survivors are left permanently #disabled or how hard it is 4 us to flee or how we disproportionately face violence.

When I first saw this tweet I was debating with myself whether I should write about this or not considering the sensitivity revolving around the issues of mass shootings and gun control, but after a while, I said what the heck I might as well .

So here’s my opinion mentioning people with disabilities when it comes to the topic of gun control I think it should be brought up in discussions with politicians and the people around us.

mainly because we need to figure out a plan to protect the people in our community as a while and allowing those that became disabled by a mass shooting to receive help and resources.

Now I’m not saying that able-bodied people’s protection doesn’t matter I’m just saying that we need to bring more attention to those that are disabled and those who have become disabled due to a mass shoutings and start focusing on the bigger picture of Disability and safety.

Especially in schools and public places about a year ago I wrote a blog post about the time I experience a bomb threat in my school and nothing was done to ensure my safety or my classmates.

my whole thing is we need to push for more of the discussion of disability and safety, gun control, because with all these mass shooting happening we need to prepare and we need to be aware of our surroundings as a nation altogether.

so with that being said, those are my thoughts on disability and safety

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