Dear Cerebral palsy warrior don’t give up ..

Dear Cerebral palsy Warrior, 

I know the road may seem rocky right now but don’t give up,

I know the battles that you have to face may make you feel defeated,

I know I’ve been through it all,

Many feelings of uncertainty,

Many feelings of anxiousness and lack of understanding,

Many nights of tears and  frustrations,

It may seem like they last forever but they don’t,

instead, they leave,

you learn and you grow,

As you overcome,

it will show,

so don’t give up  on the story just yet,

cause your already halfway there,

So keep on going,

and don’t stop believing in you,

or where this journey on wheels may take you,

cause you’ll be surprised,

where you can go after a gloomy day,

so keep your head up,

With Love,


Tylia Flores “Stomping On CP “.


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