As World Cerebral Palsy Day approaches, here are three things I’d like people to know:

As World Cerebral Palsy Day approaches, I consider what I would like people to know about my condition.

The first thing to note is that cerebral palsy does not go away once you reach adulthood – although I wish it were the case. Adults with cerebral palsy have the biggest misconception about cerebral palsy, and that’s totally untrue. Children and teenagers deserve the same level of care as adults.

Additionally, I would like people to know that we are a diverse community with unique stories to share. It’s like a bag of Chex mix for the Cerebral Palsy community. Every person has a unique story, so don’t assume everyone is the same.

Besides the second thing in the first, the third thing I would not want people to know is that people with Cerebral Palsy have a positive impact on society throughout their lives. It’s not horrifying to have this condition, yes you may have challenges and obstacles, but don’t we all?

Last but not least, our voices will be heard one way or another whether it is through social media or our hidden abilities to speak out about our conditions in our stories, we will be heard.


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