3 ways Koolwaysports Change my perspective on Winter

For as long as I could remember, I had always hated winter mainly because of Cerebral palsy and the way it acts up in the sudden weather changes.

Along with going through the obstacle of finding clothing that would cooperate with my needs and desires as a young woman with Cerebral palsy.

All these things combined made winter one of the most dreadful times of the year for me until about a year ago when I came across Koolway Sports through the Cerebral palsy Foundation.

Koolway Sports is dedicated to making adaptable and comfortable clothing for those with Cerebral Palsy based out of Canada John and Jennifer are dedicated to making a difference in everyone’s lives despite the challenges and obstacles people may face with Cerebral palsy.

In many ways, having a Koolway sports jacket has helped me overcome the obstacles of feeling anxious and worrisome about winter and how I was going to survive it, to say the least.

But to be more on the positive side now, I want to discuss the 3 ways having my camouflage Koolway Sports jacket made my winter this year a whole lot easier.

  1. Having a Koolway Sports jacket made it easy for me to stay warm- Before receiving my Koolways sports jacket I always had difficulty finding jackets that had soft and comfortable material but with the Koolway sports jacket on Makes you feel like you’re on a cloud that’s how comfortable the material is.  
  2. Having a Koolways Sports jacket had made my winters less anxious – usually, During the wintertime, I would feel more anxious due to the fact that my parents would have difficulty putting on my coast due to the tightness and spasticity in the left side of my body but with my Koolway sports jacket, I don’t have to worry about feeling anxious because the process to place on the Jacket is as simple as 123.
  3. Having a Koolway Sports jacket has made me feel more stylish in the winter –  when it came to winter prior to receiving my camouflage jacket from Koolway sports I found it very hard to be stylish considering the fact that there were only very few options when it came to coats that were stylish and Suited my needs. but now that I have my Koolway Sports jacket I don’t have to worry about being out of style for the winter.

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