Cerebral Palsy is apart of me

After giving this some thought, I decided to write about it since are recently uploaded to YouTube video about there’s not too long ago, and with World CP Day coming up, I decided to write about this topic on how…

What is my why?

For the past couple of days I have been thinking about a significant topic and I wanted to share my real emotions about it finally. This is where the subject of what is my why comes from and why I…

Embracing cerebral palsy

Living with cerebral palsy isn’t an easy task. I often get asked, how do you live with such a hard condition? The answer simple, you need to embrace your disability for what it is. It is a daily part of…

Changing Reflection

What does my reflection look like for me? I’ve always thought about and always wanted to share my opinion on it, but I never have the guts to until now. I’ve always had mixed reviews on my reflection. Not so…

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