“Stomping Through My Life With CP”

I dedicated to write “Stomping Through My Life With CP” because I wanted to share my story and how I view my Cerebral Palsy as a blessing and a punishment although I faced the obstacles that only made me stronger…

“Facebook Vs Disability”

Facebook recently launched a feature where you have the ability to create avatars that look just like you like everyone else. I joined the trend and decided to create my avatar. As I was creating my avatar I got so…

3 Lessons Advocating Taught Me

I have been advocating for cerebral palsy since I was 18 years old and throughout the years that I have been advocating I’ve learned several lessons that I will carry for the rest of my life 1. Your voice is…

how to cope with ableism

In today’s society, unfortunately, people with disabilities tend to deal with the constant struggle of Ableism, And having to constantly have to prove society that their assumptions of you are wrong. So how to cope with Ableism when you’ve encountered…

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